Crawling Out of A Cave. Celebrate with Me!

Crawling Out of A Cave. Celebrate with Me!

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After completing the cards for CULT I feel like I am emerging from a dark hole and back into the real world. While it feels really good to be done, coming back up for air in the hellscape that is this world is anxiety inducing. Hopefully what I have to share can offer some respite.

CULT Tarot is done!

As of September 25th, CULT Tarot is off to the printer! If all goes according to plan, I will have the final proof to show off on Friday October 2nd. Once it arrives, I am going live on Twitch to show it off and do a little story time with the cards. (I am shooting for 5PM EDT as my mail should be in by then.) If you haven’t already, follow me on Twitch and you will get notified when I’m live! If Twitch isn’t your thing, I will be posting the video to Instagram later so find me there @ki11erpancake_illustration.

It is a relief to make it to this stage. To date, I have never completed a project this fast from first drawing to final product in about 5 months. I guess you could say it was the byproduct of the lockdown which is a very thin silver lining. While I am excited to share, it’s also my most personal work too so the anxiety is real!

Some Card Examples



Inktober & Cursed Portraits

One downside to working on CULT is getting disconnected with my lil’ online community. I miss making live streams and videos so much! In the coming weeks, I am coming back to live streaming and video content in a real big way. Jumping in with both feet, I got a new GoPro and am reviving my afore mentioned Twitch channel to document a month of October drawing! Considering all the drama around Jake Parker and the “official Inktober” (google it), I’ve decided to create my own version for this month.

Cursed Portraits is 31 days of the creepiest faces in history & pop culture all done by yours truly in pen and ink! And I will be streaming everything on Twitch and posting videos to IG and YouTube. While I love working digitally, the traditional process is home to me and I’m super pumped to get back into it. If you are participating in Inktober, Drawlloween, or any other October art challenge let your info in the comments so we can find ya and support each other this month.

Now & Future Decks 

At the moment, Bridge Witches: A Tarot Deck, volume 2 is hovering at 20 decks left in stock and Lost River: A Deck for Play and Divination is at 9 left. After those are gone they aren’t coming back so if you are interested—now is definitely the time! Moving forward I am using a different printer in order to upgrade the packaging and add some special features (like gold or silver edges!). In future I will not be able to offer printed guides for a while. Due to extra production and shipping costs as well as the environmental impact, I am switching to PDF guides. For now those guides will be included in the cost of the deck.

I leave you with an unboxing video from a reader and YouTuber named Tom Benjamin. I had nothing to do with the creation of this video so this was all unbiased opinion. I really enjoyed it though and maybe you will too! Check out the other videos on the channel too!





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