CULT: A New Tarot Deck from Killerpancake Illustration

CULT: A New Tarot Deck from Killerpancake Illustration

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Ki11erpancake Before CULT Tarot

Today, I'm really excited to announce a new tarot deck from Killerpancake Illustration, CULT Tarot. This is the latest deck and definitely the most personal of all my work. Before I get into the details, I want to share some thoughts on the path to get here.

When I started Killerpancake and making tarot cards four years ago, I figured it would be a one and done thing for my little illustration business. Well, all this time later and there's still a lot more that I want to explore through the cards. Tarot plays with narrative—employing nonlinear storytelling that the reader can revisit infinitely and get different perspectives. This deck looks at the societal construct that is gender and the beauty of the human figure through a horror lens.

A New Tarot Deck from Killerpancake CULT Illustration ki11erpancake

Some Background

As a kid, I was entranced by the "bad guys". From Doctor Blight in Captain Planet and Natasha Fatale of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame, to Ursula the Sea Witch—the strongest female characters of my 90s childhood were evil women.

Being the good girl, in my little mind, seemed to always align with a compromise in freedom. You couldn't be single or chose to be child free without regret and loneliness. Instead, you had to settle for "Prince Charming" and ride off into the sunset. Being a girl meant something specific that never fit right.

At fifteen, I found art and the queer goth kids at the club. It changed everything. While not having the words for it—gender was clearly a social construct and cultural expectations were the oppressive tools of the patriarchy. I embraced Byronic heroes and gothic horror because I saw myself there. I didn't need a "happy ending". This however, came at a cost to my own self-esteem. You had to either be a "good girl" or a "bad" one and "bad girls" couldn't be happy. 

As an adult, I learned about the tropes that villianized not only white women, but queer people and people of color. As I waded into defining my own queer identity I still leaned on my gothy heroes.

This tarot deck is a negotiation. I want to embrace the devils, the witches, the ghosts, and the vampires who welcomed me. I want to celebrate their power and the beauty of gender fluidity. I want to remember my teachers and realize their humanity in the cards. Except, not every association is perfect. I'm choosing to burn the association of "failure" or even "damnation" with these "bad guys". You can be a weird, mysterious, and spooky kid and love your body and your life. 

My characters and the references I make in the deck are flawed—because I am. Because we all are. 

Introducing CULT: A Tarot Deck

I’m really excited to introduce the newest installment to the Ki11erpancake tarot card collection, CULT Tarot. This one dives into queer and feminist themes but is drenched in horror references—kinda like an episode of American Horror Story.

The Suits

  Swords are ghosts Wands are devils  
  Coins are witches Cups are vampires  


Each suit in CULT Tarot has a different theme that represents a bigger idea. The suit of wands are devils, and the cards tell stories about rage—a side effect of fear. Cups are vampires  (blood, sex, and fear of "other"); Swords are ghosts, possession, and zombies (dysmorphia, anxiety); Coins are witches (deriving strength in numbers, wealth as community support, final girl as witch)


CULT Tarot will not have a physical guide. I’ve switched to digital PDF guides for several reasons but ultimately I’m working on ways I can reduce my carbon footprint. The guide is available for free for anyone who buys the deck and will be emailed to the address that purchases it.

How to get it

For the first print run I am currently only offering 100 for pre-order. I expect to have them shipping out between October 31st and November 7th. They are $60 + tax with free shipping in the US & Canada. See below to order! Questions? Contact

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