Harmony Circle: A Tarot Planner (New in the Store!)

Harmony Circle: A Tarot Planner (New in the Store!)

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Harmony Circle: A Tarot Planner is a new digital and printable document created for anyone struggling to build a regular tarot reflection habit. Especially if you aren't completely "off book" or totally comfortable yet with your deck —Harmony Circle: A Tarot Planner helps you build confidence by busting some tarot myths, tracking your regular readings, and spotting patterns in your cards! 

Harmony Circle: A Tarot Planner is a collaboration between Killerpancake and Sora Sky Messages—a Pittsburgh based tarot reader. Sora and I wanted to create an easy to use daily diary for newer tarot readers. We hope to inspire you in your learning journey and build a deeper connection with your cards! While we both have two distinct tarot practices—Sora is an intuitive reader and I am an atheist who depends on daily ritual—we are equally passionate about tarot as a tool for self-reflection. No matter where you are with your tarot journey, we hope that you are able to benefit from and enjoy Harmony Circle: A Tarot Planner as much as we have loved putting it together!


  • A list of busting popular tarot myths
  • Several pages of breaking down tarot basics including tarot history, the different types of tarot decks, and understanding the zodiac characteristics of the different cards!
  • Breakdowns of different tarot spreads 
  • Learn how to spot patterns and what to do if you don't like what you are seeing in your readings
  • Daily and weekly tracker pages
  • A primer on card prompts to ask the cards and space to create your own!
  • Print out for yourself or use in apps like Notability

Harmony Circle: A Tarot Planner can be used with any tarot deck, (it's not recommended for oracle decks—they operate very differently). The name Harmony Circle comes from our common belief that tarot is a tool for self-reflection that brings order to internal chaos. The regular ritual of reading cards for ourselves brings us both a sense of calm and inner organization. Tarot is NOT a replacement for therapy or other necessary medical intervention. Instead, it's about taking a moment for calm meditation. After several weeks, you can look back at your notes and be amazed at what has come forth from your regular quiet self-reflection.

The Harmony Circle A Tarot Planner

The Harmony Circle: A Tarot Planner

The Harmony Circle: A Tarot Planner


Designed with the tarot curious and journaling enthusiast in mind, The Harmony Circle is a tarot planner for people to reflect and connect with their favorite tarot deck—regardless of experience level. This PDF file can be printed out or imported into… read more

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