My 2021 Goals

My 2021 Goals

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Time has flown by in a Groundhog's Day nothing-changes kind of way. The fun of Fridays have been nullified by every single day feeling like a Tuesday. The calendar says 2021 though, so I'm going with it.

For those of you who have stuck with me, I really appreciate your support! No really. It’s been a crazy time and the fact that you still want these in your inbox is a big deal. Thank you.


The world feels totally insane right now but at my core I am a cautious optimist. I'm embracing this time of the year to do some much-needed reflection and make sure I start 2021 on the right foot. 

Here’s what I’ve got planned.


1️⃣ I’m creating two tarot decks over the course of 2021.

I spent most of my lockdown at home learning new techniques and honing a more oil painted style in Procreate. 

I want to apply this to Bridge Witches so I’m redoing the entire deck and broadening its theme to one about Appalachian witchcraft and folklore. This will blend some of the rich history found here in Southwestern PA with contemporary life—creating a bridge (get it? bridge?!) between the past and present.

I’m also creating a deck about Hell that I’m calling The Inferno Deck (working title). It’s how I’m processing and coping with the world right now. 2021 is also the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death so it feels fitting.

Both of these decks will have a pre-order options including the Deisgn-A-Card option. More details to come!


2️⃣ I’m expanding beyond tarot decks! 

I’ve been messing around with a sewing machine and am excited to create a new Bridge Witches themed drawstring bag for you to put any tarot deck in as well as: 

  • Book sleeves 
  • A Mini-Print Club
  • Tarot Sticker Club
  • Learning tarot resources


3️⃣ I'll be selling original artwork on the site 

For those of you who have tuned into Coffee & Ink streams on Twitch, I do still create traditional work in graphite, ink, and watercolor. I'll be framing and selling those pieces this year for the first time ever! This is exciting and I'm looking forward to sharing this really different side of my practice with you.

4️⃣ I'm sharing all these new techniques I've been honing 4️⃣5️⃣

So I love a Procreate timelapse as much as the next art nerd but I want to breakdown my techniques and share them in a way that might be helpful to anyone interested in drawing on an iPad. It's not only interesting but reinforces my own knowledge and makes me a better artist. I'll be posting those to TikTok and Instagram Reels. 

5️⃣ (Personal Goal) I'm reading at least 66 book this year

Reading informs all of my work no matter what it is. Last year I finished 65 books and honestly, I'd love to clear 100 but I don't want to put too much pressure on it. If you want to be Goodreads buddies, you can find me here.


There’s nothing like sharing your goals with a list of virtual friends to make sure I stay accountable and actually work towards completing them!

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