New Tarot Art Prints in the Shop!

New Tarot Art Prints in the Shop!

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This year I'm super excited to offer my tarot cards as framed art prints in the shop! Before I ask people for their hard earned money, I wanted to check them out for myself! I ordered two prints from Printful to see what's up.

The image in this first tarot art print is from a new deck I recently finished titled INFERNO. I picked it as my first tarot print because I loved how beautifully dismal this portrait looks. It’s the six of coins, normally a card about sharing your wealth but this person lets their greed settle and fester like a wound on their head!

My goal in offering tarot art prints is to make it super easy for you to cover your walls with occult themes and charge a fair price for both of us. I put a ton of hours into each of the 78 images required for my decks but also want to keep art affordable to anyone who wants it. I realize I'm pretty biased but honestly, for the cost I think Printful did a good job! These ship right to you already framed so you only have to open up the box, attach the provided hanging hardware, and pop it on the wall! 


I create all of my tarot card files at sizes conducive to large format printing so the final print looks really nice and crisp, even at 24x36 inches. 


The frames are simple but effective. In the front, the print is protected with Acrylite and surrounded with a very light weight wood from renewable forests with a matte finish. The back does not have a paper backing and the print is clipped in with little metal tabs (see picture). If you know anything about traditional framing, it would cost four times as much to do a traditional framing job on these. If you are on a budget and still want dope looking walls, this is very serviceable!

I don’t charge shipping in the US so if you’re looking for a goth inspired portrait of a cranky tarot card for you or your sweetie—check this or some of my other prints out! You can also get a 15% off coupon code when you sign up for my email list :)

Thanks as always for your support <3 

Six of Coins | Framed Tarot Art Print

Six of Coins | Framed Tarot Art Print


Be generous with your bounty lest you prefer disappointment, jealousy, and despair. The six of coins from the INFERNO deck is a warning that you can't take it with you—no matter how hard you try. This portrait of a miser… read more

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