Other Figure Drawing Resources

Other Figure Drawing Resources

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Well, if you are in the States, like me you have been inside and social distancing for a while now. My way of staying sane has been working on a new tarot deck and continuing to hone my figure study skills!

Here are some things I did that have helped my drawing a LOT. While they do not replace a live drawing session, I have focused more on my technical drawing execution and how it relates to my own illustration practice.

Note: I make a point to only use paid reference photos or ones that I take with permission from the model myself. Since I sell my artwork, it feels unethical to use a reference off of Google Images—unless I can't find anything that works and then change the reference drastically which usually looks really terrible and unnatural. Finding diverse models is really challenging because of this!

What are you working on? What resources have you been using? 

Class101.net Portrait Procreate Class

Link here

This class was promoted to me a lot on Instagram. I decided to spend my own personal money on it since I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting into. Class 101 is best described as a South Korean Skillshare. Different creatives can make courses about their expertise—and this ranges from drawing to exercise.

I had a couple of coupon codes so it cost me $160. The audio was a little wonky at times but the teacher, Joshua was truly excellent. He broke the Loomis method down in a digestible way and his blending techniques really changed things up for me. I also enjoyed his color theory refresher. It doesn't matter how long you have been drawing—there is always room to learn more. 

Tips: If you decide to utilize this course, definitely access it with the Chrome browser. Otherwise, you can't translate things from Korean to English as easily.


Link here

I'll be straight with you, the quality of this website is pretty god awful. That being said, it's one of the few places I can find online that features diverse models. Quite often art models are white, female, and thin. This means that art is only made representing one kind of person—which sucks. Artmodels360 has a variety of body types and also includes a model who utilizes a wheelchair. Having had conversations with people who live model, I hear overwhelmingly that it is an empowering thing that helps people feel great about their body. I'm all for supporting that with the annual $37 fee to use this site. 

Unfortunately the site itself is slow and clunky but I just kinda deal with it.

Grafit Studio 

Link here

I really enjoy this reference site. My only complaint is the lack of diversity in models. They have so many types of reference including gesture and art poses as well as a ton of different fantasy packs with lots of cool things 


Link here

Another great resource of high-quality images! They also have some free packs so you can try before you buy.

Adobe Stock

Link here

This is kinda super expensive but I have used Adobe Stock with some success.


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