Where to Buy KILLERPANCAKE (besides this website)

Where to Buy KILLERPANCAKE (besides this website)

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2020 was about refining the brand and upgrading the website.
2021 is about taking it to the level!

As of July 2020, Killerpancake products are available here on the website, Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook shopping platforms. No matter what your platform preference, users can snap things up right in the app. Using these different platforms helps to amplify my individual channels and introduces me to more people where they already are. Plus, Facebook and Instagram really like it when you use their new features and rewards that in their nebulous algorithm.

The biggest differences in the different platforms is that IG & FB are more strict about what they approve for selling through their platform. Shopping here on killerpancakeillustration.com will always have the most variety and definitely all of my art that features nudity!

Here is a breakdown and links to each platform:


Follow @killerpancake_illustration for constant shop updates and to buy in the IG app. I'll be focusing a lot on selling tarot decks and stickers through this platform.


Prefer FB? Then make sure to like the Page at facebook.com/killerpancakeillustration. This uses the same catalogue as Instagram and will be pretty identical but there are folks who are pretty committed to this platform and I'm curious to see how the in app selling goes here! 


I'll be honest with y'all, I don't really put much effort into Etsy for a variety of reasons. However, there is a contingent of people who find me there so I am committing to more listings in an effort to meet them!


The dream is to streamline the selling processes and be able to focus more on the making of tons more art.

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