Upright: Wisdom & maturity; knowing oneself; taking time for self; self-care
Reverse: Beware of neglecting yourself; disconnect to recharge; burnout

Have you ever done or said something super weird like put the coffee pot into the refrigerator or snapped at someone without meaning to? These are classic signs of burnout. If you are feeling detached from reality—take a beat and reconnect with yourself. If we were five years old this would be called a "timeout".

My interpretation of the Hermit card has always been a very positive one. I love a reminder to disconnect and chill out! For me it's reading a book, doing some simple yoga stretches, or just crawling right into bed, (I call naps "the reset button").

Don't wait to relax! Think of it as a workout—after exercising it's really important to rest and refuel so that your muscles can repair and by doing so you get stronger. Your mental health needs this just as much as your physical body.

The Hermit focuses on solitude. One interpretation is realizing you have the inner strength to get through whatever life throws at you. However, it's unwise to carry all our burdens without aid. Maturity and wisdom gift us the knowledge that reaching out for help is a strength in itself. Don't be too proud to tell someone you're hurting. Even if it's just a check-in so you can then go off and decompress solo—let people know what's up. Don't wander into the woods without letting people know your plan for disconnecting.

The Hermit of CULT is a balance of both strength and vulnerability. She curls up to protect herself but in an agile and aware pose to move if needed. She's fearless. Without a stitch of clothing on however she is completely exposed and vulnerable.



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