Upright: Stuck, ill fated, dysmorphia 
Reverse: Uninhibited, the arts

Upright this devil is the one that lives inside our mind's eye: the goal that is forever out of reach; the standard that's set a tad too high; the image of perfection that we are striving for in every mirror. No matter what, if we can't accept and love the person we are today—no amount of perfection achieved will cure our problems. 

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck this card's devil is representative of Dionysus, a god of excess. However, the two people are bound to this devil and their lack of control comes at the cost of their freedom. My devil expands beyond the excess of physical pleasure to include the emotional gratification and clout we are obsessed with chasing today.

The reserve Devil represents a release from bondage. A freedom from fear and lack of want can unlock a mental prison.


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