In the latest update of Bridge Witches: A Tarot Deck, I made a special pre-order option for people who wanted to become cards in the deck. For a cost, you could choose a card to be featured on in the deck. For those that would rather not have their own face on the card, they suggested a story or historical figure to feature. For a little bit more support, they got a card and an 8x10 framed print of the cards. Those that chose to pre-order also got their decks weeks before everyone else—getting one of the first decks to roll off the press.

I've just started work on CULT: A Tarot Deck and would love to offer a pre-order option again. I'm changing the pricing structure and what comes with the pre-order.

  • Regular Pre-Order: $60.00 for a deck
  • Build a Card: $70.00 to help design a card and get your deck even before pre-orders.

The Regular option is to receive a deck when it's ready. The price includes free shipping in the United States and to Canada, (everyone else see here for shipping rates). 

The Build a Card option is to be a model for a card yourself or, if you want, to help design the card. 

We can collaborate! All modeling for this option is clothed. We can discuss via email or Google Meet what you would like to do for the card and I will give some direction for taking a good reference photo. There are only 10 slots and I am making decisions about cards right now so if you want to do this I suggest getting in touch ASAP. People who purchase this option will be the first to get their decks when they are ready.

August 2020 Update

As of August 12th I am about half way done with the drawings! The next step will be to prepare the deck for printing and then create the guide. My hope was to have decks shipped before Halloween but right now the news is looking really grim for the US Postal Service and I am concerned this will delay the supply chain and getting the decks shipped out to customers. Therefore, I am pushing back my tentative shipping date to late November 2020 to ensure I have enough time to get things in the mail and on their way to customers. If you have further questions please email

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