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When I started making tarot cards about four years ago, I figured it would be a one and done thing. Well, all this time later and there's still a lot more that I want to explore with the cards. Unlike a singular painting, tarot plays with narrative much like book illustrations. Unlike books however, tarot cards are nonlinear storytelling that the reader can revisit infinitely and get different perspectives.

Bridge Witches & Lost River

That being said, each deck I have created explores something autobiographical. Bridge Witches started as a visual response to interviews I conducted with people in Pittsburgh—the city I have called home since university. It also plunges into my struggle to get sober and rediscovering who I was after living so many different lives in this city. At one point, I stopped drawing entirely and Bridge Witches was my self-directed creative reeducation. The work I create now looks different but what I did in Bridge Witches is so raw and real—it can’t be recreated.

Lost River is a stab at a different kind of deck. Using the format of poker cards I wanted to translate my style to a minimal deck. I switched to using Procreate entirely and focused on the face cards portraits. Each suit explored a different aspect of mental health but soaked in an over saturated color scheme—like a bright smile over the crumbing insides.

Introducing CULT: A Tarot Deck

Today I’m really excited to introduce the newest installment to the KI11ERPANCAKE tarot card collection, Cult: A Tarot Deck. This one dives into queer and feminist themes but is soaked in horror references—kinda like an episode of American Horror Story.

New Things Coming

  • Prints are available of each card as it's completed for the deck.
  • Regular blog posts sharing drawing tutorials and resources that I enjoy using (reference resources, brushes, etc.)
  • There will not be a printed guide for this deck to reduce the cost of production, shipping, and save some trees. Instead I will have a digital resource through this website. It will be a mobile ready PDF with bookmarks for easy reference. I am also creating a quick reference for people who want something to print out while they read cards.

Be a Card in the New Deck!

As a special pre-order option I have spots open in the deck for you to purchase. You can either become a card yourself or if you want to help design the card we can collaborate! I have offered this in the past and y’all seemed to love it so I am excited to do this again. 

Check back for more updates and otherwise, be well <3


Genevieve Barbee-Turner


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