What do you mean "Atheist"?

Well, I mean that I don't believe in any kind of god, spirit, or omnipresent anything. Instead I'm a big fan of quantum physics and firmly believe that when I die I'm dead and there's no afterlife. 

What I don't believe in however is arguing or attempting to disprove other people's beliefs. That's pretty rude in my opinion. Faith in anything (or lack there of) is a personal choice. Once your personal choice infringes on someone else making that same choice—that's pretty lame. This is a two way street. If your beliefs excuse bad behavior, I'm not here to defend that either.

But you use tarot?

Yes! I read for myself regularly. Tarot cards are little stories that react to each other—changing the narrative depending on which cards are laid out together. I use self-readings to ask myself questions and look at problems from a different perspective. 

Example time!

Using a three card draw, I look at:

1. The Situation: What's the thing that's bugging me the most.

2. The Action: What can I do (or not do) to address or accept the situation?

3. The Outcome: What is possible? This isn't reading the future. By the time I see the second card, I have a sense of where the reading is going. The third card is usually a confirmation of the Action card.

Let me show you what I mean:

Question: I'm frustrated and tired but I just started a big new project, am I burnt out before I even start? I feel defeated and worn out.

A turn of the cards reveal:


ace of cups knight of wands ten of cups

Ace of Cups: My cup do runneth over! Yes this new project is a lot but I am reminded how much I love this stage, when I have lots of drawing ahead of me. I'm also REALLY lucky to be in a place where I work on these things full time.

Knight of Wands (reversed): Yeah, you've got a lot of creative spirit, but you also know that a big project means you have to chip away at things a little bit at a time. Burn out is real. You also can't just work when the mood strikes, you have to show up to put in the time each day! You are lucky to even have the space to do it!

Ten of Cups: If you heed this, it's likely to result in a harmonious conclusion. You can never know what the future holds, but you have been at this long enough to realize that slow and steady wins the race. You also have an amazing support system of people you can rely on and relax with when not at your desk drawing.


I hope this was enlightening! How do you use tarot?!

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