Pronouns: She, her (both)

+ The path to success; “we will take those Ws”; forward movement

– Bad news; accident; collision; rocky business 

We live in a world of pass or fail that values innate talent over persistent hard work and commitment. What if this narrative around success is a lie? When Athena approached me about modeling for The Chariot, we quickly bonded over this and other aspects of being in the business of tarot and other witchy things. Athena and her business partner Indigo own a small business together called Maude’s Paperwing Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA that not only sells witchy items but actively builds community and safe spaces for LBGTQia+ people. They host book clubs and movie nights, bringing people together in a time where that has never been more challenging.

So how would you define success in this scenario? It’s not just about the bottom line. I created a card about two people who balance one another and share a common goal. Indigo (left) has a mouth full of dahlia petals that are slowly escaping her skull (air) and Athena is melting slightly (water). The two elements depend on each other to create emotional flow. Combined, air and water create clouds which in turn make thunder and lightening.

This card is the seventh of the major arcana signaling transition or transformation. When this card comes up it could be a sign of change whether that is of circumstance or perspective.

August 30, 2022 — Genevieve Barbee-Turner