Genevieve Barbee-Turner Illustrator Portrait Artist killerpancake blonde woman with grey t-shirt that says Stardust


An artist's studio is the generator of constant, quiet revolution. Killerpancake uses illustration and portrait art to craft silent protest via representation and storytelling. Throughout history, political and religious dissent has been recategorized as witchcraft or devil worship. To that end, Killerpanake brews cursed art to bring about equality in the 21st Century.

Bridge Witches: A Tarot Deck is a response to the rise of “New Pittsburgh” and asks who is this new town really for? Lost River is made in a poker deck style to put diverse faces on mental illness.

About Genevieve

Killerpancake is the nom de plume of Genevieve Barbee-Turner, an artist and illustrator creating surreal horror-themed art, tarot decks, and playing cards.

Growing up after the Satanic panic of the 1980s and early ’90s in the American Bible Belt, the struggle between sinner and saint was felt daily in her then small town. While Genevieve’s parents (a social worker and news photographer) valued reading and education above all else—the surrounding community expounded upon the evils of everything from short skirts and trick-or-treating to ouija boards and regular ol’ playing cards.

She became a teenager in the wake of the Columbine shooting, felt the panic unfold over Y2K, and, alongside the world, witnessed everything fall apart on September 11th. The world she became an adult in was (and continues to be) ruled by uncertainty and anxiety for tomorrow.

Horror and gothic motifs are a coping mechanism for us to explore this anxiety. Poverty, racial inequality, and lifting the veil of white privilege are just a few themes she attempts to tackle using an iPad and Procreate.

The Credentials

  • BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, concentration in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking
  • Vice-President of Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators, 2016-2018