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Genevieve Barbee-Turner

Illustrator & Artist

Killerpancake Illustration is Genevieve Barbee-Turner, a tarot card illustrator and 2D artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. Combining illustration, history, and a socially informed practice, her work tell stories about contemporary Appalachia and queer / femme identity with a splash of gothic aesthetic.

She has a BFA in Art from Carnegie Mellon, and studied at Universität der Künste Berlin focusing on printing, drawing, and printmaking. However, her practice was built long before entering an art studio.

Since childhood, she has had an instrument in her hand. Copying images fashion photography in Vogue magazine, her obsession with the human figure and its dynamic use to tell stories remains today. She moved on to drawing classes on VHS, then at the local community center, and ultimately attending The Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk, Virginia during high school before moving on to CMU in Pittsburgh.


What is a Killerpancake?

Her pen name, Killerpancake, is an ode to hours of listening to audiobooks while drawing as a young girl. A reference to a cozy mystery book title, listening to a story has always painted pictures inside her head in a way that nothing else can. In 2012, she started a podcast called The AP Collection interviewing approximately 200 people about Pittsburgh and creativity. These conversations became a fully illustrated 78 card tarot deck detailing the realities of “New Pittsburgh” called Bridge Witches: A Tarot Deck.


Tarot & The Occult

As a product of the Bible Belt in the 90s, she lived in the wake of The Satanic Panic. As a child she learned that fear and anxiety are a tool for people to control other people, especially women and queer people. Luckily, she found the “misfits” in the goth club scene where she met people of a wide variety of genders and sexual identities. In the world of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, there were spaces that sheltered the people living on the fringe and in that space, she discovered her people.

A tarot deck is a collection of individual stories that come together to create creative narratives.
In the cards she illustrates, she can combine a love of portraiture and storytelling—exploring how we talk about ourselves and the symbols used to communicate our values. A tarot deck is both a communication tool and an illustrated universe that fits into a pocket. Since creating Bridge Witches in 2016, she have built several other decks exploring mental health, queer identity, imposter syndrome, and income inequality. 

She also has a niche portrait business transforming people into any monster they desire.


She create her card illustrations first with paper and pencil and then moving on to an iPad with Procreate. Using print-on-demand services she release extremely limited print runs of each deck for sale through her website and limited wholesale. As of 2022 she have sold tarot decks across the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

She is actively seeking representation and traditional publication of a deck. 


Work (Tarot Decks)

Since 2016 I have self-published all of my deck. I'm currently seeking traditional publishing. 

Bridge Witches: A Tarot Deck (volume 1, out of print)

Bridge Witches: A Tarot Deck (volume 2, out of print)

Bridge Witches: A Tarot Deck (volume 3, out of print

Lost River: A Deck for Divination & Play (out of print)

CULT: A Deck of Tarot (currently available) 

INFERNO (currently available) 


The Credentials

  • BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, concentration in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking
  • Vice-President of Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators, 2016-2018