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Bridge Witches Remaster
INFERNO Remaster

Daughter Sin is one of two children spawned by Satan in Paradise Lost. This is the first image created for the INFERNO Tarot Deck Remaster.

When you buy the limited run print, get the sticker for free.

meet the artist

Genevieve Barbee-Turner

Drawing in Pittsburgh since 2003

What is Killerpancake?

Welcome to the Dark Side

Killerpancake Illustration is the cursed tarot decks and horror inspired fine art for feminist, goths, and queer folx created by Genevieve Barbee-Turner in Pittsburgh, PA.

Genevieve uses tarot as a medium to explore the cyclical pattern of history, fear, and storytelling.

Common Questions

Where can I get your current deck?
I don't know much about tarot... can I still buy a deck?

Absolutely! There's a tradition of being gifted your first deck. That's fine but to me a little gatekeepy. I include a guide with all of my decks with meaning and insight into the drawings.

I design all my decks in the Rider-Waite-Smith format so you can easily google meanings too and interpret them as you like.

Will you design a tarot deck wtih me?

Very likely no. I use tarot as a medium to communicate about things I care about. Underneath the surface, each of my decks is about the cycle of history, trauma, and fear.

Unless you are a tarot publisher... then let's talk: hello [at] killerpancakeillustration.com

Did you draw that? Do you use AI?

I draw everything you see on this website. I don't use AI to create my work. Occasionally I use photobashing techniques but I really love to draw. I use Procreate on an iPad Pro!

How do you make your decks?

I draw in my sketchbook after reading something interesting and then use Procreate on my iPad Pro to create a tarot card. I only use Photoshop and InDesign at the very end to make a PDF for a printer or the guidebook.

How can I purchase an older deck?

You can't. Maybe second hand? I saw one on eBay once! I only print in small batches and then that's it! Don't worry, I'm always making another deck. I'm also noodling with remasters of decks so look out.

Did you go to art school? Should I?

I did. I dunno, that's up to you! Kinda expensive tho.

Tarot Decks

Below are several tarot decks designed by Killerpancake. Currently only HAUNTED is available for sale. While we aren't reprinting old decks, there are plans to remaster some for reprinting in 2025.


Below are PDF guides for past Killerpancake decks and a digital tarot journal for tracking readings. The guides give you an idea of our point of view about tarot and how we use it as a method of communication.

Note that HAUNTED'S guide is not available in PDF format.

Prints & Artwork

Tarot card prints and other occult inspired artwork

How to Tarot

At first glance tarot appears to be a very opaque subject but I want to change that. Read the new series of blogs about my tarot journey and start yours.

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