The Next Killerpancake Tarot Projects

The Next Killerpancake Tarot Projects

I've started to remaster two of my previous tarot decks: Bridge Witches and INFERNO.

Terrifying Tales from HAUNTED A Cursed Appalachian Tarot Deck: Updates You Should Know About!

August 24th

Well, my plan was to update a month later but I have this tendency to prioritize working on things over updating about what I am doing! Here are screenshots of my updates and a gallery of some of the finished pieces.

July 3rd

I know there is a type in the image. I'm surprised I haven't done that somewhere else already.

As of July 3rd 2023

Major Arcana

  • 9 of 22 cards in progress

Minor Arcana

  • Swords: 4 of 14
  • Wands: 9 of 14
  • Cups: 12 of 14
  • Coins: 4 or 14

Let's compare again on Thursday, August 3rd! Why isn't more done? Well, between researching, working on map designs, wrangling models, selling at events, and managing the behind the scenes of the launching two Kickstarters and figuring out BackerKit I haven't been able to draw as much as I would like. Good thing is—July is all about drawing!

Pre-order the deck here.

HAUNTED: A Cursed Appalachian Tarot Deck

HAUNTED: A Cursed Appalachian Tarot Deck

HAUNTED is Back! We are relaunching our Kickstarter on March 27th until April 26th with a leaner budget and smaller print run.


Hello Haunted Supporters and Tarot Fans <3

Thank you so much for all the support while we finally figure out how to make this tarot deck happen. If we hadn't done our first campaign, we never would have accessed the new resources we are now utilizing to try again! HUGE thanks especially to David at Ethereal Dream tarot for all his support and guidance! Go support his work!!

Here is our re-launch page! Follow it and be notified the second we go live on March 27th at noon. 

So what is different this time? **Please read carefully.**


We are now looking to ship to the US, Canada, the EU, the UK, and Australia using PirateShip and their Simple Export Rate for non-US pledgers. 


Shipping will be charged on top of the pledge amount AFTER the project funds via BackerKit and that charge won't include VAT/duty. Those VAT/duty costs will be the responsibility of the pledger. 

We are looking into possibly using an EU distributor to hopefully lower the VAT/duty costs for EU customers but that would mean EU customers couldn't get a signed deck (one of the new add-ons we are offering).

Mockup featuring some of our new cards


Well our budget is WAY less than last time. In our first campaign, the printer we were using was a print-on-demand and so in order to get our unit cost down (the cost of the individual tarot deck) we had to order 2,500 decks at almost $14 each. That didn't include shipping to us, packaging materials, promotional costs, and everything else.  We have now found a new printer! The individual unit cost is less than half per deck to print 500 decks! That means our budget is WAY more manageable.

We are looking to raise $13,200* this time. (I know... it's wild). How is that possible? Well, being able to print a smaller deck run at less money per deck helps and that has a trickle down effect. We don't have to buy as many boxes and shipping supplies, the cost of shipping from the printer is now less with fewer decks, and finally: we aren't going to put any money into online advertising. This is where you all come in. It would mean the world if you could get the word out about this project. 

Share this link with everyone: and click to be notified. We are hoping that since we had almost 300 people pledge last time, that it will be possible to hit a similar goal this time!

Mockup design of the box with the Pig Lady of Cannelton!

Is it the same quality as your other decks? 

YES! I've been able to compare the new printer to what we used before and I'm pleased with the product. I don't know why the costs are so wildly different but I am assuming it has a lot to do with the business structure between a print-on-demand and the new printer we have been in touch with that prints lots of different things besides cards. We NEVER would have made the connection without running the first campaign so I'm really glad in a way that we are able to do this again at a lower cost. 

This deck will be a 350 gsm with silver gilded edges in a custom printed box with magnetic closure and a 100 page guidebook to go inside the deck box.


Ok folks, that is all I have for now. PLEASE check out the new pre-launch page and click follow! I will also be posting updates here until launch day Monday March 27th at noon.

Thank you and please ask questions! I can also be reached at :)

*In a previous update I mentioned a $12,000 goal. When checking our numbers a final time we made adjustments for some increases in a few line items in the budget and possible increases in a few other expenses between now and when we print. 

Shipping Update

You know what's coming... 

Shipping costs are unreal. Especially international shipping which, the smaller the package the MORE expensive it is. I have had to add shipping on to some items so that I have any time of margin left when I sell my products. 

Here is a link to my new shipping rates.


Tarot Decks & Towels

I have to charge shipping on tarot decks in the US. The cost is fluctuating and it really sucks. Orders under $80 now have $5 shipping. This only effects the purchase of a tarot deck. If you only buy stickers or only buy a print the cost of shipping is factored in (because my prints are fulfilled through Printful, I use their rates to calculate the cost of the total print—yes it is a lot of work). 

International shipping rates have gone up and still do not cover VAT/duty. I will be honest, calculating VAT/duty is REALLY difficult. From what I gather, it can be like $50+ in some places. It's absolutely wild. I hope to grow my business enough to be able to print in different places to reduce these costs but I'm not there just yet.


Thanks for your understanding!

January 26, 2023 — Genevieve Barbee-Turner