Falling Tower


Pronouns: He, him

+ Disaster; crippling ruin

– Dramatic change; opportunity to change direction for the better

The crumbling Tower is toxic masculinity personified as Frankenstein’s monster. Dr. Frankenstein’s hubris to conquer death and create something to top nature led to his downfall. The monster didn’t ask to exist but he’s here now and using his immense power for ill.  

When any one of us suffers we all suffer. This doesn’t excuse abusive and shitty behavior but that behavior is a dangerous symptom that needs to be addressed. Something I have noticed in my own bias is how rarely my work touches on issues that effect people raised as boys. I have fallen victim to the idea that I can’t be a part of the conversation because somehow loneliness and insecurity when packaged differently is not relatable. This is a mistake.

Should the Tower show up, I tend to take a more optimistic approach. Things aren’t great. However, they can only get better from here! The power is in acknowledging the bad in order to start building the good. Exiling or ignoring the bad is a temporary fix.


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August 30, 2022 — Genevieve Barbee-Turner