Pronouns: She, her

+ Aspirational; pinnacle of spiritual practice; a sage or spiritual leader; grit; sticking to it; focus on your calling

– Rigid adherence to the rules regardless of the consequences; a dangerous lack of wiggle room. Doing it simply because it has always been done this way; flakiness or “flip flopping”

The Cenobites from Hellraiser aren’t able to separate pain from pleasure. They live in a Hell of extreme sadomasochism where inhabitants are mutilated and tortured beyond recognition in their quest for dark ecstasy. Pinhead or the Lead Cenobite is… well the leader of all the Cenobites and rallies the troops anytime someone cracks the code to his puzzle box. Your reward? You get to join the group in Hell and be tortured forever! Unless, you escape and then Pinhead’s gotta get the band back together to hunt you down.

Pinhead is a head priest of a damned sect and seemed the perfect fit for a Hierophant. While Clive Barker does a great job describing all kinds of tortured and scared Cenobites, there is nothing more epically uncomfortable and metal that the full head of pins—expect maybe a full body of them...

After considering this idea I discovered I wasn’t the only one who thought about it: horrify.me.uk’s photo shoot of a “Bride of Pinhead” served as a nice reference for how the pins could look in my own drawing. Note that this link contains adult content and is not safe for work: “Bride of Pinhead photoshoot is hot as hell

Scrawling “Sure” across her torso is my little act of absurdity to a situation as extreme as our Hierophant’s. Five notches have been scratched below her tattoo to recognize the card’s number.

Should this card come up in your reading, think about how your high expectations can become a limitation. Routine can be a good thing but it’s worth it to consider how something or someone can evolve. Although there is always something to be said for predictability, if it’s stiffling your growth than it’s time to push forward.

If this card is negatively aspected consider a couple things: either the quality of your diligent practice is not in alignment with the overarching goal or check in and make sure you aren’t giving up too early and moving on before the real hard work begins. A balance here can result in perseverance and build grit.

August 30, 2022 — Genevieve Barbee-Turner