Pronouns: She, her

+ Good health and humor; well balanced

– Transformed; rejecting a defined binary; gray area

I am asked often about my favorite card. I try not to have one but if I did, it would be Temperance. It is an aspirational card for me and I could not bring myself to “horror it up” for this spooky deck. Instead, I focused on the tranquility of this woodland princess playing with river water on a fall day. 

This card is about balance and good humor. Temperance doesn’t tip the scale into pleasure or pain. It’s contentment which I believe is far more difficult to achieve. 

Should this card make it into your spread, consider it a sign to not jump into the deep end of the pool but also don’t be afraid to get a little wet either. Moderation is key. Should this be negatively aspected consider evaluating to what extremes you are taking things.


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August 30, 2022 — Genevieve Barbee-Turner