I got some great questions about drawing classes. Those are not my area of expertise but I've made a list of places that you can start your own search. If you have anything you want to add, let me know. Note: I haven't personally tried each of these classes and cannot speak to what artists they might work best for. Please reach out to these places and do research to make sure it's a good fit!
  • Elizabeth Castonguay's Affordable Saturday Morning Life Drawing Classes are located in the The Highline, (333 East Carson Street, Suite 48—formerly the Riverwalk) in the Southside from 9AM until noon. The classes focus on figure drawing (undraped and partially draped models). 8-week sessions are $168 which is $21 / class. Email emcstudio@comcast.net or text/call 412-913-6628 to reserve a spot and find out more information!
  • OSHER Classes are offered for non-degree seeking students at both University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon (check your local university to see if they offer them there). They aren't just for retired people! I've taken an OSHER class at 35 years old. They are during the day, they are not free, and getting into the OSHER program can have a wait so take those things into consideration.
  • Pittsburgh Center for Arts & Media has regular figure drawing classes. Check out their website for more info. They aren't available every season. I've taken one with Heather Heitzenrater and she was phenomenal. I really enjoyed my experience even though I have figure drawing experience.
  • Private Lessons are always an option! If you know a local artist that does something that you want to learn—offer to pay them for their time to show you!
  • North Hills Art Center; ArtSmiths Pittsburgh; South Arts Center are all places that I've heard up but have absolutely no experience with. Feel free to do a quick Google search and see if they fit your needs!
  • Sweetwater Center for the Arts sweetwaterartcenter.org

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