You know what's coming... 

Shipping costs are unreal. Especially international shipping which, the smaller the package the MORE expensive it is. I have had to add shipping on to some items so that I have any time of margin left when I sell my products. 

Here is a link to my new shipping rates.


Tarot Decks & Towels

I have to charge shipping on tarot decks in the US. The cost is fluctuating and it really sucks. Orders under $80 now have $5 shipping. This only effects the purchase of a tarot deck. If you only buy stickers or only buy a print the cost of shipping is factored in (because my prints are fulfilled through Printful, I use their rates to calculate the cost of the total print—yes it is a lot of work). 

International shipping rates have gone up and still do not cover VAT/duty. I will be honest, calculating VAT/duty is REALLY difficult. From what I gather, it can be like $50+ in some places. It's absolutely wild. I hope to grow my business enough to be able to print in different places to reduce these costs but I'm not there just yet.


Thanks for your understanding!

January 26, 2023 — Genevieve Barbee-Turner

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