The Harmony Circle: A Tarot Planner

Designed with the tarot curious and journaling enthusiast in mind, The Harmony Circle is a tarot planner for people to reflect and connect with their favorite tarot deck—regardless of experience level. This PDF file can be printed out or imported into apps like Noteability and is a great tool for starting your tarot practice and honing your tarot card reading skills.

The Harmony Circle is a joint effort between Killerpancake & Sora Sky Messages, a tarot illustrator and intuitive tarot reader respectively. 

Inside you will find
  • Information about tarot including a bit of history
  • Guides on how to spot patterns in cards regardless of what deck you are using (not intended for oracle decks).
  • Daily and weekly trackers
  • Beginner prompts and spreads
  • Space to build your own prompts when you’re ready! 

The Harmony Circle provides a solid foundation for building a reflective journaling routine and leveling up your reading skills. 

This is a PDF file that will be downloadable after you purchase :)