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Queer Tarot + Horror References

Based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck's classic format with correlated card meanings, CULT is a limited run tarot deck exploring the fluidity of gender and the history of the gaze on female bodies through the lens of horror films and gothic imagery. Each card is fully illustrated and easy to use for your daily tarot readings.


This is the first deck that is shipping without a physical guidebook. There are three simple reasons why: First, the guide is expensive for the quality of booklet produced; Second, it adds to overall shipping costs as the guide was produced in a different facility from the decks and shipped separately; Third, in order to reduce the deck's carbon footprint cutting out a physical guide was the first thing that made the most sense.

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PDF Guide

Formatted for an iPad, this PDF is identical to the web guide but downloadable for those who want a local file to refer to. It is also printable!

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