CULT: A Deck of Tarot–SOLD OUT

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Every tarot deck is personal so it's important to choose wisely! CULT is a dark, horror themed deck built for shadow work and the queer body in mind. 

Queer people are isolated in society, forced over the decades to find themselves in the subtext of mainstream culture. With the rise of awareness around LGBTq+ issues and celebrity, the reaction from conservative straight communities is to vilify and demonize queer people. CULT is about exploring the isolation of queer identity but also celebrates the humanity of the queer body. Using the human figure and horror references, CULT aims to celebrate the beauty and erotic darkness of the human form. 

Based on the Rider-Waite-Smith format, the cards correlate to standard meanings, however this deck submerges the reader into their unconscious confronting deeper thoughts and feelings. Horror films have a long history in queer communities. Using horror elements and gothic imagery, CULT is perfect for those that perseverate on the darker side.

This deck is LGBTq+ friendly and suitable for queer readers and allies alike. 

  • Based on the Rider-Waite-Smith format with correlated card meanings
  • Only 100 printed at a time
  • Suit titles: Cups, Wands, Coins, and Swords
  • Suit Themes: Cups feature vampire, wands are devils, coins are witches, and swords are ghosts
  • Queer and intersectional feminist themes for LGBTq+ audiences and allies
  • Made with an 18+ audience in mind
  • Gold foil edges
  • Guide not included with purchase. It can be found here.

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