Pronouns: They, them

+ Health and courage; “a good influence”

– Illness; “bad influence” 


When MarTaze contacted me to be a part of this project, they described several different activities they were taking part in to connect with their  body, their identity as a black queer person, and their family history. Modeling for this card was also a part of that journey and I am so grateful to play a small role in their story.

What does Justice really look like? Is it possible for people who have not been allowed at the table to find healing within a system that was constructed to punish their existence? This Justice card is not stating a fact but asking a question: what if Justice went beyond our current definition and symbol set? The scales of justice are cast aside and instead, MarTaze ponders the sword. The crooked line up to their shoulder is an outline of the East Coast of the United States, tracing the line of ports where people from African countries were brought and stripped of their identity. The water envelopes MarTaze’s  figure which stands boldly amidst the tumultuous tide.

Do we have the power to build words stronger than “prison” and “retaliation”? Can our world hold those words as they are any longer?

The constellations above references the lore that slaves used the North Star as a compass to freedom. Is the Justice card a new compass for our journey forward? I don’t have answers to these questions.

When this card comes up consider the openness of this card rather than the outdated “justice is blind” or “it’s a two way street”. We know these things to not be true.


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August 30, 2022 — Genevieve Barbee-Turner