Pronouns: She, her

+ A sacrifice; a premature death; eccentric artist or philosopher

– A punitive crime or corporal punishment; making a change in direction (work, relationship, school, spiritual etc.); deluded

The titular Mandy from the 2018 film is a dreamy artist who in the midst of a random attack by cultists, spits in the face of their leader. He expected her to cower and join him but instead she rejected him. Mandy is dragged from her home and burned alive in front of her partner while hanging upside down.  (The sacrifice of an artist is not lost on me in this film.)

Depending on where it lands in a spread, this card could herald metamorphosis. Considering it is right before the Death card, (aka the transformation card) this would make a lot of sense. At this point in the Fool’s journey we are at the halfway mark so by now the passage has begun to change us. 

Water as the symbolic element associated with this card fills the form of whatever container possesses it—it is mailable. Regardless of whether the changes in our lives are expected or not, we have a chance to reflect and respond in our own way.

This is the card I associate the most with in this deck (besides my own portrait in the Fool of course). I’m speaking specifically to the dreamy but diluted artist coming to terms with change. As creative people we are never done shedding our skin and evolving into something new. The process is an uncomfortable but necessary one. 


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August 30, 2022 — Genevieve Barbee-Turner