Moll Derry, Witch of the Monongahela | Art Print (Not Framed)


Stories of Moll Derry and her magic have been preserved and passed down in her hometown of Fayette County since the 1700s. She was known in her community as a fortune teller and a healer, using folk magic from her original home in Germany. Many drawings of her are in old age but here she’s mid-journey in life celebrating and touching magic in the woods around her home.

Moll Derry is the 7 of Coins in HAUNTED: A Cursed Appalachian Tarot Deck.

Growth and nurturing is a key component of the 7 of Coins. As a transition number, 7 is a reminder that the journey is well underway but not yet over. 

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  • Printed on a textured art paper (11x7 inches)
  • Ships from Etna, PA
  • This is a hand drawn illustration with no AI used to create it. Killerpancake draws everything in a notebook and/or iPad.