The Anxious Mothman | Art Print (Not Framed)


The original sightings of the infamous Point Pleasant cryptid took place from November 15, 1966 to December 15, 1967 and spawned a mass fascination and following that’s been celebrated the world over. There are newspaper accounts of people claiming to have seen a winged creature and many attempts to explain it have gone cold. There's a theory that he was linked to tragedies in the region including the Silver Bridge collapse, either as a conspirator or a warning of something awful to come. 

The Anxious Mothman is the Page of Swords in HAUNTED: A Cursed Appalachian Tarot Deck.

As the Page of Swords in the Haunted deck, the Mothman is a messenger. He’s become a harbinger of death but honestly, it's kind of rough on his own psyche so here he sits staring at the moon and agonizing about his lot. The Page of Swords is generally an over-thinker who hasn't experienced enough to put his well earned knowledge to the test. In a reading, this card signals an incoming message with valuable information.

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  • This is a hand drawn illustration with no AI used to create it. Killerpancake draws everything in a notebook and/or iPad.