Squonk | Art Print (Not Framed)


The legend of the Squonk is actually an apocryphal one. William T. Cox described it in a book published in 1910 called Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods but there’s no evidence that the legend was ever shared by people in the hemlock forests of Pennsylvania. Regardless, The Squonk has become a cryptid icon in this region. It’s a creature with so much self-hatred and despair that it mourns its very existence, crying everywhere it goes. It’s said to disappear into a puddle of its own tears when onlookers gaze upon it. When it’s on a real crying jag, it’s said to move so slow it can be captured, only to instantly disappear and leave the hunter with a wet bag of tears. The Squonk teaches us that self-obsession must be overcome in order to rid ourselves of a certain level of misery.

The Squonk is The Devil card in HAUNTED: A Cursed Appalachian Tarot Deck.

The Devil card gets a bad wrap. It’s not as bad an omen as the 10 of Swords or The Tower. Instead it’s a card about being emotionally stuck or distracted by material concerns. Substance abuse, sex, obsessions, or avoidance are being pointed out by the Squonk turned Devil card.

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  • This is a hand drawn illustration with no AI used to create it. Killerpancake draws everything in a notebook and/or iPad.