White Rabbit | Art Print (Not Framed)

The rabbit embodies all these things and is a symbol of family life (the rabbit warren) and adventure.
To evade capture, the rabbit digs small and winding tunnels and carves out routes that are quickly navigated to dodge predators. The white rabbit can be both a sign of luck or a death omen. 

The White Rabbit is the Ace of Cups in HAUNTED: A Cursed Appalachian Tarot Deck.

The ace card is always the unfiltered essence of the suit and symbolizes a new beginning. Each ace in Haunted features an animal native to this region of Appalachia as a signifier of the land. The theme for the suit of cups is relationships (platonic and romantic), raw creativity, and deep emotions.

The Ace of Cups is a beginning and an end. In the minor arcana, the ace through 10 of a suit is a full life cycle with the ace as the beginning of the newest lesson. The new love or connection of the ace can come at the cost of another ending. In Haunted, water and blood are used interchangeably and in this card, the blood of the rabbit brings life to other living things around it. 

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  • This is a hand drawn illustration with no AI used to create it. Killerpancake draws everything in a notebook and/or iPad.