August 24th

Well, my plan was to update a month later but I have this tendency to prioritize working on things over updating about what I am doing! Here are screenshots of my updates and a gallery of some of the finished pieces.

July 3rd

I know there is a type in the image. I'm surprised I haven't done that somewhere else already.

As of July 3rd 2023

Major Arcana

  • 9 of 22 cards in progress

Minor Arcana

  • Swords: 4 of 14
  • Wands: 9 of 14
  • Cups: 12 of 14
  • Coins: 4 or 14

Let's compare again on Thursday, August 3rd! Why isn't more done? Well, between researching, working on map designs, wrangling models, selling at events, and managing the behind the scenes of the launching two Kickstarters and figuring out BackerKit I haven't been able to draw as much as I would like. Good thing is—July is all about drawing!

Pre-order the deck here.

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