Haunted: A Deck of Tarot

Haunted: A Deck of Tarot


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Countdown to Kickstarter Launch
HAUNTED: A Tarot Deck is the newest deck by Killerpancake Illustration inspired by Appalachian folklore and urban legends from Southwestern PA, West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio. For the first time ever, I hope to crowdfund this project in order to expand its reach beyond anything I've ever done in the past.
Read on to learn how you can be a part of this journey and IN the deck!


This region is a confluence of so many different cultures over thousands of years. Before and during colonialism, multiple tribes including the Haudenosaunee, Lenape, Osage, and Shawnee people lived and moved through here. As this land was overtaken the same a pathways of travel and trade were used by colonists and enslaved people in the expanse westward. The impact of these people and their descendants still remain. Today this region is still a place where people and things gather and disperse—including stories traveling by word of mouth and rumor. The land here is soaked in dark stories and lore.

This is the energy that I'm bringing into my next tarot deck, HAUNTED. Tarot cards are a medium to tell stories and filled with an exhaustive history as well. I want to meld this with the layered past of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. This deck will be the standard 78 card tarot deck following the Rider-Wait format, like all my previous decks.

Working with Sora the Intuitive, a local tarot reader, we have and continue to research a variety of local history, legends, and rumors (old and new). While there are card illustrations inspired by real events and people this is a wholly creative work that aims not for accuracy (it isn't a textbook) but celebrate our ghosts and what they mean about us. 

blank box with magnetic closure

The box is currently blank, a cover reveal will happen once we nail down the image we want for it.

A sample of the cards that have already been designed. The guide can be seen there as well. It's a 96 page perfect bound booklet.



Like all of Killerpancake's decks my goal is to reflect different people and acknowledge them as they are—good or bad. I also make a point to include queer people and people of color that are often neglected and under represented when talking about history in this region.  

For the first time, I am using Kickstarter to crowdfund this project. I want to fund the creation of 2,500 decks—the largest order I have ever self-published. In the past I funded all my decks by myself, never being able to produce the exact deck I wanted. HAUNTED will be in a beautiful box with magnetic closure, include a printed guide and have beautiful reflective silver foil on the edges.

This project also allows me to expand my business offering more decks to stores in the US and Canada at a better wholesale price.

I am on track to launch the Kickstarter in January of 2023. I plan to have the deck completed and in people's hands by fall/winter 2023.

Rewards Include

  • A single deck
  • Two decks (great for also getting your friend one)
  • Ten decks (for stores to support)


Add-ons Include

  • Be a card! (you can model for the deck or submit a story to be featured)
  • A past-life tarot reading with Sora the Intuitive
  • A lesson with me (Genevieve) and Sora on how to read tarot!

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Thoughts? Email me at hello@killerpancakeillustration.com.

Be in the deck

For every deck that I have illustrated, there are real people who have modeled or shared a story for a card. This tradition continues with HAUNTED. Here's how it works: After you make your pledge, you can email me at hello@killerpancakeillustration.com which card you want to be or what card you have a story for. I will work with you to collect the story and a reference to draw the card.

Cards that you can chose from

Major Arcana are open except 

🚫 The Hierophant
🚫 The Devil
🚫 The Wheel of Fortune.

Minor Arcana are mostly planned but there is a lot of wiggle room. Send an email to hello@killerpancakeillustration.com

If you aren't sure what card you want but have a story you want to submit, we got you! Send me a message and I will figure it out.

Fine Print

This will be on a first come, first serve basis and there are only 20 spots. The ghost story must be from Southwestern PA, West Virginia, or Eastern Ohio. *We won't allow anything that highlights racism or bigotry in a positive manner.*
You will get a beautiful print of your card along with your deck and a message of gratitude in the guide.

Images from the Deck

I am telling the ghost stories from these cards in my newsletter so sign up and get one a month!

Haunted Tarot Killerpancake Illustration Summit Cut Bridge Woman in White

Haunted Tarot Killerpancake Illustration The Burned Bride of Conneaut Hotel