HAUNTED is wrapped

With support for the HAUNTED Tarot fulfillment in its final stages, I can't help but feel the urge to start the next project. The problem is... I have to rest. The anxiety and stress of the previous project is still too fresh and I don't want to feel under pressure to preform at a higher level right now. I also made promises to people in my life to be around and an active member of my family and friend group. With summer coming, I'm looking forward to that! 

Thing is, I can't do nothing. I draw. It is what I do!

Remastering Bridge Witches and INFERNO

So here's what I'm thinking: I've started to remaster two of my previous tarot decks. The first is Bridge Witches, my Pittsburgh tarot deck. In 2016 when I self-published the first one, I was reflecting on what being a yinzer really meant, the effects of "New Pittsburgh," and how old things return as new. For the remaster, my goal is to update the look and add new stories / locations for release in January 2026 (making it a 10 year anniversary edition). 

Building on previous Bridge Witches Volumes

Honestly, a lot of the issues I talk about in that deck (gentrification, segregation, the impact of hustle culture/gig economy, the legacy of the robber barons...) it's all still here. The new version will look a lot different because I have spent the last decade honing my drawing craft. I'm also planning on working on location in different areas of the city/county which will influence new takes on cards.

I'm proud of the past volumes of Bridge Witches (there are 3), but I based those first decks on my experiences working in Human Services which at that time was pretty focused on specific parts of the city. There's nothing wrong with that but in the decade since I started that deck, more things have happened to the region and me personally, so things will evolve. 


This one will be fun. I have no idea why but I made this deck only in sticker form. I want to bring it to life in a full tarot deck size and re-do A LOT of it. I'm proud of this project but it is legitimately very weird and I think I can make it a little more approachable and functional as a tarot deck. Right now I am in the research phase and I want to include more references to Hell than just from Dante's Divine Comedy. I'm also reading Paradise Lost and Canterbury Tales to really medieval it up. My goal with this deck is to compare the Dark Ages of Then and Now. This deck will also include:

  • more hellish influences & references
  • have more climate anxiety baked in
  • re-draw some cards that were outside of my ability a few years ago

This one will likely not take as long but I hope to crowd fund it and make it look VERY cool (red edges if possible...).

Plans & Timeline

Both will be crowd funded, likely on Kickstarter but maybe all of it will be in BackerKit. Neither campaign will include an option to be in the deck (I'm sourcing my own models for these projects so I can have them done before the campaign starts). Both decks will be ready to publish at the time I launch the crowd funding so the fulfillment turnaround will be much quicker. I will likely put up original sketches and painting as levels in the campaign. 

Progress Bar

As I have starting working on things I have been filming lil' vlog videos for YT/TikTok/IG and updating the progress bar on the homepage of my website. I'm also creating watercolor paintings and sketches that will eventually be available for purchase (the ones that look good enough, lol).

Stay tuned!

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