Updates about Tarot Guide Availability

Updates about Tarot Guide Availability

Yesterday brought some news about the availability of guide books for Bridge Witches decks that is important to share.

From the Drive-Thru Cards Website

Book Printing & Shipping Update (August 6, 2020)

Printed books can currently take as long as four weeks to be printed:
* U.S. orders for paperback books are estimated to print in 22 business days
* U.S. orders for hardcover books are estimated to print in 24 business days

In addition, note that the current USPS (United States Postal Service) shipping policies have changed: Because they are not insurable, media mail shipments will not be replaced if lost or damaged by USPS while in transit. Otherwise, per an agreement with our printer, we will still replace books that are damaged due to insufficient packing materials or those that have manufacturing errors.

UPS orders remain insurable. We can also provide reliable tracking information with UPS shipments. If orders are lost by UPS, we will replace them. 

What does this mean for Bridge Witches?

As of August 7th 2020, there are 32 copies of Bridge Witches, volume 2 available and 4 copies of Bridge Witches, volume 3 available for purchase. These editions come with a 6x9 inch paperback guidebook.

  • After Bridge Witches, volume 2 is sold out, it will not be reprinted
  • After Bridge Witches, volume 3 is sold out, it will be produced by a different printer and the included guidebook will be a digital pdf emailed at purchase. This is happening for several reasons:
    1. The guides and decks were always produced separately in different facilities and had to be bundled by hand and then shipped to the fulfillment center. The monetary cost and time commitment is too great to do this as the shop continues to scale up.
    2. The smallest available option for the guide was 6x9 inches which made the packaging and shipping costs more than if the deck came without a guide. 
    3. The options for printing the guide in a different size require a new printer and fulfillment strategy that's just too much to handle at this time.
    4. Not printing a guide for every deck is more eco-friendly. The production, triple shipping of each product, and size of the guide all add to its carbon footprint. Other strategies to improve eco-friendiness are shipping future decks from the printer directly to the fulfillment warehouse to cut down its time in the mail to only 2 trips on its way to you.

The future of the guide

For those that still want to purchase a physical guide book after all the current copies of Bridge Witches are gone, a link will be provided to the Killerpancake store on Drive-Thru cards so you can order it directly from the printer. It's unclear how long their fulfillment times will be so extensively delayed due to COVID but if you choose UPS shipping it will come with tracking. 

What are the differences between Volume 2 and Volume 3 of Bridge Witches?

Besides the outside packaging, the Suit of Cicadas has been replaced in BW3 with all new cards. The stories have been changed to feature the rise of the tech industry and hustle culture in Pittsburgh. All the other cards are the same. If you have a teal deck (volume 2) and want a booster pack with just the new cicada cards, go here!


If you want a deck with a guide for Halloween / Sanheim Day or Christmas / Hanukkah / Yule please consider ordering it early. Like... nowish.

If you have any questions please email hello@ki11erpancake.com

What I Read When I Want to Draw

What I Read When I Want to Draw


I have always been inspired by books. There is something about reading that paints detailed pictures in my head and fuels my creativity. My preference is to mix it up between reference books and fun fiction. With COVID-19 still out there, I'm planning on sitting inside and reading as much as possible this summer. Have you read any of these?

June & July 2020

Find me on Goodreads and read along :D  


Become a Card in CULT

Become a Card in CULT

In the latest update of Bridge Witches: A Tarot Deck, I made a special pre-order option for people who wanted to become cards in the deck. For a cost, you could choose a card to be featured on in the deck. For those that would rather not have their own face on the card, they suggested a story or historical figure to feature. For a little bit more support, they got a card and an 8x10 framed print of the cards. Those that chose to pre-order also got their decks weeks before everyone else—getting one of the first decks to roll off the press.

I've just started work on CULT: A Tarot Deck and would love to offer a pre-order option again. I'm changing the pricing structure and what comes with the pre-order.

  • Regular Pre-Order: $60.00 for a deck
  • Build a Card: $70.00 to help design a card and get your deck even before pre-orders.

The Regular option is to receive a deck when it's ready. The price includes free shipping in the United States and to Canada, (everyone else see here for shipping rates). 

The Build a Card option is to be a model for a card yourself or, if you want, to help design the card. 

We can collaborate! All modeling for this option is clothed. We can discuss via email or Google Meet what you would like to do for the card and I will give some direction for taking a good reference photo. There are only 10 slots and I am making decisions about cards right now so if you want to do this I suggest getting in touch ASAP. People who purchase this option will be the first to get their decks when they are ready.

August 2020 Update

As of August 12th I am about half way done with the drawings! The next step will be to prepare the deck for printing and then create the guide. My hope was to have decks shipped before Halloween but right now the news is looking really grim for the US Postal Service and I am concerned this will delay the supply chain and getting the decks shipped out to customers. Therefore, I am pushing back my tentative shipping date to late November 2020 to ensure I have enough time to get things in the mail and on their way to customers. If you have further questions please email hello@ki11erpancake.com.